Ring of Torag

Fire Resist


Aura: Faint Abjuration Caster Level: 3rd


This simple golden ring has a large red gemstone set into it that sparkles with an inner fire. The wearer of the ring gains fire resistance 10 against the first fire attack that hits them that day. This protection renews itself every morning at dawn. In addition, the wearer receives a +1 resistance bonus on saves made against fire spells and effects. The ring must be worn for 24 hours to have any effect.

GM Note: The resistance only applies to the first time the wearer takes damage in a day. The first time the player takes damage from a source of fire, the resistance is used up, even if the damage does not meet or exceed the allotted 10 resistance. The ring must be worn for 24 hours consecutively in order to have any effect. It is not possible to share the ring’s effect.


Found on skeleton in secret prison of the Dwarven monestary in the Darkwood Vale

Ring of Torag

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