Upon waking, we headed to our next stop: the cottage of the witch of the forest. The trees surrounding the hut all bent backwards, as if trying to run away from the hut in the center. The clearing surrounding it were filled with crow statues. They were creepy, I’m rather surprised they didn’t come alive and attack us.

Outside the cottage we encountered an elvish witch, who claims to be on the same mission as us, hoping to cure the village of this sickness. She did not reveal her name, I will press her for it when things have calmed down. We can’t be just saying “hey, you” all the time.

Anyway, our new companion in tow, we reached the hut, but there was no on living inside — the witch had passed away some time ago. There was, however, a frightening shrunken head which told us to beware the eye of the raven. I suppose we should have followed its advice.

We found a jar what we were looking for, as well as some golden crow statues (she wasn’t going to be using them anymore). As we attempted to leave the hut the caldron in the middle came to life and attempted to eat me! After what felt like hours being tossed around inside a giant metal pot the others finally managed to defeat the iron monstrosity and quickly vacated the area, wary of the many crow guardians.

That evening we retired without incident, our next objective to wait for the morning.

I find myself increasingly wary of cook-ware…

~Asili Clanadri



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