The ruins of the Dwarven monastery did not seem to be the most inviting place in the world. This assumption was correct.

In the courtyard of the monastery we encountered the remains of a man by the well, long since dead. We found some useful gear on his corpse, hopefully they will helps us better than they did him.

We wandered into the ruins carefully, and the first room we encountered was half crumbled. No mushrooms. We checked the desk, but it collapsed from the activity! The bats were not too happy about this. We ran out of the room and Derpo threw a bomb in. Bats do not like being on fire.

Bats cooked medium rare, we headed on to the end of the corridor. The first room contained a stone desk, but no obvious mushrooms. The next room, however, had a patch of them, growing by a large collapsed pillar. We hurried over to gather them, when a giant talking wolf jumped out and asked us our business there. Now, my mother had said that I should not trust giant talking wolves, but I decided to try to bargain with this one. I explained that we simply needed those mushrooms and we would be on our way. He offered to let us have them if we killed some “dark creatures” which had been giving him trouble. We agreed to do this for him.

Well, apparently they were not as simple to deal with. By “dark creatures” he apparently meant scary ceiling tentacle monsters which magically made it so dark we couldn’t see! Well, Derpo could see, but the rest of us were fighting blindly. Eventually we managed to slay the awful things.

In the next room we found some bookshelves full of books which had seen better days. At the top, however, was one which was quite fancy looking undamaged. Ilia and Ishmael climbed the bookcase to grab it, on their way down they managed to disturb some fungus which seemed to weaken Ishmael considerably.

Within the book was a magic scroll! Also, some words in Dwarven, which the mysterious witch can read.

~Asili Calandri



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