The next morning a package arrived in the mail for myself from my family, and along with that news of urgent business. Apparently Jesk had a very urgent package to deliver: a wedding gift which carried political significance. It was being express shipped at significant cost. The issue with was that the bridge to our destination is currently out, so we will have to take the extra-dangerous, no-one-makes-it-out-alive path through the woods.

Apparently it involves deadly plants and diseases? How this information made it out when no one gets out alive is beyond me.

So with our plans for the future decided we moved onto more important things: HATS! Flo had a lovely purple lace-y number that I just had to have, it went fantastically with the scarf my sister gave me. There was a nice green one with an enormous flower on it too, and this tall black one with ribbons, I’m not sure I could pull off a hat like that, but perhaps Ilia…

Other than that, we got provisions, weapons, and whatnot. Lord Lion-o gave us a potion of cure disease on our way out, which is handy to have, though I hope we do not have use for it.



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