Our employer, Lord Lion-o, sent us to find out why the wood production was down. Upon approaching the town reason for this was quite apparent, as it struck with a nasty case of the plague. We met with the healer (who knew of the ingredients to get), the manager of the woodworkers (who was a jerk), the barkeep (who charged WAY too much for a drink), and the master woodsman (who was actually helpful and gave us a map and some healing potions – yay).

Our first stop was the biggest tree in the forest, for some moss of sorts. Along the way we encountered a cute little fox in a trap which we rescued because we like cute things. We were attacked by some jerk with a crossbow and two trained birds — we killed the birdies and wounded the guy. Why he attacked us is a mystery. Not the best idea, in my opinion, we were clearly armed and outnumbered him.

We carried on, and found the biggest tree in the forest. we quickly found the moss, but there was some sort of wyrmish creature there waiting for us! Thankfully, Ilia made short work of it, cleaving it in twain. We quickly collected the moss, and made off quickly, before any more wyrms may show up. Along the way we spied a wyvyrn in the sky, but we were lucky and avoided its gaze.

The night passed without incident. Durpo snores.

~Asili Clanadri



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