Battered and bruised, we headed back to the worg, ready to get our mushrooms and get out of there. When informed of our progress, however, he emphasized that we had passed his first test and were now ready to face the giant spider in the bell-tower. Defeating this foe would allow I was less than pleased, but no amount of persuading would convince him to give us the rest of the mushrooms.

Reluctantly we headed to the bell-tower were we devised a plan: I would distract the spider with a song while Durpo would hit it with a bomb. It worked sort of as planned: we managed to surprise it with a bomb which set it on fire. Like bats, spiders also dislike being on fire. We chased the spider upstairs where we managed to dispatch of it shortly, though Ilia managed to get poisoned. We imagined that the cooked spider might taste like lobster, but we had other things to attend to.

On our way back we were attacked by a Kobold! He attacked us and ran away, we chased after it and Ilia made short work of it.

As we went to investigate the now-dead Kobold Ilia was ambushed by wolves! Knocking us over again and again, we beat at the wretched creatures until they were nothing more than bloody pelts. Wolves destroyed, headed to the worg.

We demanded explanation from the large wolf. He claimed to know nothing of our attack, and beckoned us downstairs. We investigated, suspicious.

Our suspicions were confirmed as the worg attempted to trip Ilia, myself being on her shoulders! Thankfully Ilia resisted this attack, and we were beset upon! It was a fierce battle, his wolves surrounding us. Eventually we managed to slay the foul creature. No mushrooms in the basement. Exhausted, we holed up in a room and slept — we could not fight any more without rest.

In the morning we decided to begin our search for more mushrooms as quickly as possible. We scoured the armory first. No mushrooms, but on the western wall I found a hidden door which led to a prison cell. In the prison cells were skeletons which emitted a faint magical aura. One of the skeletons had a large amount of mushrooms growing out of it, but we decided to look elsewhere, no use dealing with the undead if we could possibly help it.

The next few rooms we investigated had various salvageable items mixed in with much that may have been quite nice a hundred years ago, but had long since rotted away. One room was trapped, but we managed to brute strength our way through it. Only one mushroom was found.

Looks like we’ll have to deal with the undead. They give me the heebie-jebies.

~Asili Calandri



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