Before we took our chances with the skeletons we decided to investigate the well. Myself being considerably smaller than the rest of the party, it was decided that I would have the honor of being lowered down into the dank and cold hole. It was not for not, however, as I discovered another mushroom under a suit of rusted armor at the bottom of the well.

This was, sadly, still not enough for all the villagers. We would have to face the skeletons.

We devised a clever plan to grab the mushrooms, run, and bomb the skeletons all at once, but as soon as we got near to them they awoke and attacked. Thankfully, the skeletons did not manage to harm the party any, and we dispatched of them quickly.

Finally equipped with enough mushrooms for the village we made our way back to the village as fast as we could. We thankfully encountered no resistance on the way back.

Once at the village we headed directly to the town herbalist. At first she was inclined to charge an exorbitant sum for the cure we had worked so hard to provide materials for, but after some… convincing… she “agreed” to let the villagers have it free of charge.

As you may expect, the villagers were overjoyed to be cured of a disease which was killing their families, and decided to treat us all to some much-needed festivities and relaxation.

I had a conversation with the mysterious witch, she revealed her name to be “Effie”. I suggested that she could find employment with our lord, as she was quite instrumental in our survival through such ordeals.

It was quite nice to sleep in a bed again, with pillows and everything.

~Asili Calandri



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