Session Eight

Special Delivery!

At the request of Anoine Bufflebottom, we were accompanied by Dorn of the Western Heartland, who was a silly man, but rather good at hitting things. That is a useful skill to have, when venturing out onto the trail which no one had ever returned from, it turns out.

Our first encounter along the path came from a family of cats — well, they seemed to be like cats at first until they pulled back their faces! It was rather disturbing to see, it had Ishmael and Dorn running. It looked sort of like… well… what I’m told… nevermind.

Anyway, we made short work of the horrid cats and continued on further down the road. We came across an abandoned wagon and a sign which warned, in Elvish, that “Heed this warning: the town of Vylna is forsaken to these woods. Turn back now before you too become forsaken.” We decided to not head to the forsaken town of Vylna, it being forsaken and all.

The wagon, it turns out, belonged to a mail carrier who had tried to take a shortcut through the woods previously. Apparently it didn’t go so well for them, poor souls. While we gabbed the mail for delivery we were surrounded by ghouls! We eventually managed to kill them off, but not without Ishmael and Effie being diseased by the horrible things. Effie, being the less robust of the two, used the one potion of cure disease which we had. Hopefully Ishmael will be able to tough it out on his own, at least until we find another potion.

We traveled onwards and came to the bridge — or rather, where the bridge would have been, if it weren’t collapsed. This posed a problem which we would have to face on the following day, for it was dark and none of us were too keen on keeping going



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