Session Eight
Special Delivery!

At the request of Anoine Bufflebottom, we were accompanied by Dorn of the Western Heartland, who was a silly man, but rather good at hitting things. That is a useful skill to have, when venturing out onto the trail which no one had ever returned from, it turns out.

Our first encounter along the path came from a family of cats — well, they seemed to be like cats at first until they pulled back their faces! It was rather disturbing to see, it had Ishmael and Dorn running. It looked sort of like… well… what I’m told… nevermind.

Anyway, we made short work of the horrid cats and continued on further down the road. We came across an abandoned wagon and a sign which warned, in Elvish, that “Heed this warning: the town of Vylna is forsaken to these woods. Turn back now before you too become forsaken.” We decided to not head to the forsaken town of Vylna, it being forsaken and all.

The wagon, it turns out, belonged to a mail carrier who had tried to take a shortcut through the woods previously. Apparently it didn’t go so well for them, poor souls. While we gabbed the mail for delivery we were surrounded by ghouls! We eventually managed to kill them off, but not without Ishmael and Effie being diseased by the horrible things. Effie, being the less robust of the two, used the one potion of cure disease which we had. Hopefully Ishmael will be able to tough it out on his own, at least until we find another potion.

We traveled onwards and came to the bridge — or rather, where the bridge would have been, if it weren’t collapsed. This posed a problem which we would have to face on the following day, for it was dark and none of us were too keen on keeping going

Session Seven

The next morning a package arrived in the mail for myself from my family, and along with that news of urgent business. Apparently Jesk had a very urgent package to deliver: a wedding gift which carried political significance. It was being express shipped at significant cost. The issue with was that the bridge to our destination is currently out, so we will have to take the extra-dangerous, no-one-makes-it-out-alive path through the woods.

Apparently it involves deadly plants and diseases? How this information made it out when no one gets out alive is beyond me.

So with our plans for the future decided we moved onto more important things: HATS! Flo had a lovely purple lace-y number that I just had to have, it went fantastically with the scarf my sister gave me. There was a nice green one with an enormous flower on it too, and this tall black one with ribbons, I’m not sure I could pull off a hat like that, but perhaps Ilia…

Other than that, we got provisions, weapons, and whatnot. Lord Lion-o gave us a potion of cure disease on our way out, which is handy to have, though I hope we do not have use for it.

Session Six

With the village saved, we headed back to report to Lord Lion-o. The hall was busy as always, and there was a new addition, a grand statue of Lord Lion-o, made of the finest granite. When we finally met with Lord Lion-o over dinner (wonderfully cooked as always) he was in great disarray over it, believing it far too showy.

Derpo suggested that he add a mask to the statue, to disguise who it was and add an air of mystery.

This is why we love Derpo. The blowing things up is just icing on the cake.

After situations were explained and things were all in order all of us excepting Effie went out to train. We all ran an obstacle course while Vaynard was watchin’ us all in the eye of the tiger

I must admit, the course seems a bit biased towards taller folk. Climbing 15 feet is a lot when you’re only 2’8".

~Asili Calandri

Session Five

Before we took our chances with the skeletons we decided to investigate the well. Myself being considerably smaller than the rest of the party, it was decided that I would have the honor of being lowered down into the dank and cold hole. It was not for not, however, as I discovered another mushroom under a suit of rusted armor at the bottom of the well.

This was, sadly, still not enough for all the villagers. We would have to face the skeletons.

We devised a clever plan to grab the mushrooms, run, and bomb the skeletons all at once, but as soon as we got near to them they awoke and attacked. Thankfully, the skeletons did not manage to harm the party any, and we dispatched of them quickly.

Finally equipped with enough mushrooms for the village we made our way back to the village as fast as we could. We thankfully encountered no resistance on the way back.

Once at the village we headed directly to the town herbalist. At first she was inclined to charge an exorbitant sum for the cure we had worked so hard to provide materials for, but after some… convincing… she “agreed” to let the villagers have it free of charge.

As you may expect, the villagers were overjoyed to be cured of a disease which was killing their families, and decided to treat us all to some much-needed festivities and relaxation.

I had a conversation with the mysterious witch, she revealed her name to be “Effie”. I suggested that she could find employment with our lord, as she was quite instrumental in our survival through such ordeals.

It was quite nice to sleep in a bed again, with pillows and everything.

~Asili Calandri

Session Four

Battered and bruised, we headed back to the worg, ready to get our mushrooms and get out of there. When informed of our progress, however, he emphasized that we had passed his first test and were now ready to face the giant spider in the bell-tower. Defeating this foe would allow I was less than pleased, but no amount of persuading would convince him to give us the rest of the mushrooms.

Reluctantly we headed to the bell-tower were we devised a plan: I would distract the spider with a song while Durpo would hit it with a bomb. It worked sort of as planned: we managed to surprise it with a bomb which set it on fire. Like bats, spiders also dislike being on fire. We chased the spider upstairs where we managed to dispatch of it shortly, though Ilia managed to get poisoned. We imagined that the cooked spider might taste like lobster, but we had other things to attend to.

On our way back we were attacked by a Kobold! He attacked us and ran away, we chased after it and Ilia made short work of it.

As we went to investigate the now-dead Kobold Ilia was ambushed by wolves! Knocking us over again and again, we beat at the wretched creatures until they were nothing more than bloody pelts. Wolves destroyed, headed to the worg.

We demanded explanation from the large wolf. He claimed to know nothing of our attack, and beckoned us downstairs. We investigated, suspicious.

Our suspicions were confirmed as the worg attempted to trip Ilia, myself being on her shoulders! Thankfully Ilia resisted this attack, and we were beset upon! It was a fierce battle, his wolves surrounding us. Eventually we managed to slay the foul creature. No mushrooms in the basement. Exhausted, we holed up in a room and slept — we could not fight any more without rest.

In the morning we decided to begin our search for more mushrooms as quickly as possible. We scoured the armory first. No mushrooms, but on the western wall I found a hidden door which led to a prison cell. In the prison cells were skeletons which emitted a faint magical aura. One of the skeletons had a large amount of mushrooms growing out of it, but we decided to look elsewhere, no use dealing with the undead if we could possibly help it.

The next few rooms we investigated had various salvageable items mixed in with much that may have been quite nice a hundred years ago, but had long since rotted away. One room was trapped, but we managed to brute strength our way through it. Only one mushroom was found.

Looks like we’ll have to deal with the undead. They give me the heebie-jebies.

~Asili Calandri

Session Three

The ruins of the Dwarven monastery did not seem to be the most inviting place in the world. This assumption was correct.

In the courtyard of the monastery we encountered the remains of a man by the well, long since dead. We found some useful gear on his corpse, hopefully they will helps us better than they did him.

We wandered into the ruins carefully, and the first room we encountered was half crumbled. No mushrooms. We checked the desk, but it collapsed from the activity! The bats were not too happy about this. We ran out of the room and Derpo threw a bomb in. Bats do not like being on fire.

Bats cooked medium rare, we headed on to the end of the corridor. The first room contained a stone desk, but no obvious mushrooms. The next room, however, had a patch of them, growing by a large collapsed pillar. We hurried over to gather them, when a giant talking wolf jumped out and asked us our business there. Now, my mother had said that I should not trust giant talking wolves, but I decided to try to bargain with this one. I explained that we simply needed those mushrooms and we would be on our way. He offered to let us have them if we killed some “dark creatures” which had been giving him trouble. We agreed to do this for him.

Well, apparently they were not as simple to deal with. By “dark creatures” he apparently meant scary ceiling tentacle monsters which magically made it so dark we couldn’t see! Well, Derpo could see, but the rest of us were fighting blindly. Eventually we managed to slay the awful things.

In the next room we found some bookshelves full of books which had seen better days. At the top, however, was one which was quite fancy looking undamaged. Ilia and Ishmael climbed the bookcase to grab it, on their way down they managed to disturb some fungus which seemed to weaken Ishmael considerably.

Within the book was a magic scroll! Also, some words in Dwarven, which the mysterious witch can read.

~Asili Calandri

Session Two

Upon waking, we headed to our next stop: the cottage of the witch of the forest. The trees surrounding the hut all bent backwards, as if trying to run away from the hut in the center. The clearing surrounding it were filled with crow statues. They were creepy, I’m rather surprised they didn’t come alive and attack us.

Outside the cottage we encountered an elvish witch, who claims to be on the same mission as us, hoping to cure the village of this sickness. She did not reveal her name, I will press her for it when things have calmed down. We can’t be just saying “hey, you” all the time.

Anyway, our new companion in tow, we reached the hut, but there was no on living inside — the witch had passed away some time ago. There was, however, a frightening shrunken head which told us to beware the eye of the raven. I suppose we should have followed its advice.

We found a jar what we were looking for, as well as some golden crow statues (she wasn’t going to be using them anymore). As we attempted to leave the hut the caldron in the middle came to life and attempted to eat me! After what felt like hours being tossed around inside a giant metal pot the others finally managed to defeat the iron monstrosity and quickly vacated the area, wary of the many crow guardians.

That evening we retired without incident, our next objective to wait for the morning.

I find myself increasingly wary of cook-ware…

~Asili Clanadri

Session One

Our employer, Lord Lion-o, sent us to find out why the wood production was down. Upon approaching the town reason for this was quite apparent, as it struck with a nasty case of the plague. We met with the healer (who knew of the ingredients to get), the manager of the woodworkers (who was a jerk), the barkeep (who charged WAY too much for a drink), and the master woodsman (who was actually helpful and gave us a map and some healing potions – yay).

Our first stop was the biggest tree in the forest, for some moss of sorts. Along the way we encountered a cute little fox in a trap which we rescued because we like cute things. We were attacked by some jerk with a crossbow and two trained birds — we killed the birdies and wounded the guy. Why he attacked us is a mystery. Not the best idea, in my opinion, we were clearly armed and outnumbered him.

We carried on, and found the biggest tree in the forest. we quickly found the moss, but there was some sort of wyrmish creature there waiting for us! Thankfully, Ilia made short work of it, cleaving it in twain. We quickly collected the moss, and made off quickly, before any more wyrms may show up. Along the way we spied a wyvyrn in the sky, but we were lucky and avoided its gaze.

The night passed without incident. Durpo snores.

~Asili Clanadri


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